Interactive Web Design – Gain More Visitor

Interactive Web Design – Gain More Visitor

Plain and static website is not good. Website have some movement as it make the website look lively. Interactive website does mean you need to make a website fully animated. Having a movement here and there can improve the feel of a website. Ever wonder how it can affect a the look and feel of a website? Why think hard web design malaysia has the solution.

Our mind is so complex. Looking through a screen can make a person get board easily. The way to tackle it is don’t make a website so static. Website with a static design is easy to make and in current situation it doesn’t look good. It looks like you are so lazy to design a website. Thinking too much on how to start? Start with basic thing like button. Button is that small thing but is a big thing when you make changes. Thing you can do is when a cursor hover over the button, if the button change it color. That’s why we can say an interactive website. Start from the small thing. Applying to the small things first.

If you feel good enough change from picture banner to a video banner or animated banner. It can save up time. You don’t need to put a large amount of picture. You can random it out between picture and video. A moving picture for a banner can make user stick to it for a long time.

What more to put? Heard about call to action button. You can make a flashing color to the button. Call to action button is the one that everyone want it to be the button that get clicked everytime a new visitor enter the website. A flashing button will caught visitor attention. Psychologist tell us that when you frequent see or hear the same thing, there will be probability that the user will click onto the button.

If u designing for a company that give service. Place a live chat box on every page you have. Live chat often has a character that being the mascot of your clients company. This kind of chat box can make visitor stay on your website longer. Having all these element that can interact with make your website gain a visitor.

Having too much animated can make your website loss up visitor due to long time to wait for the web to fully load. Some laptop need to install flash to see all the animation. Animate it wisely don’t over animate. Website are heavier if you have a lot of animation running on the website.