The Newest SEO Trends

Advancements technology has drastically changed the way a user would need to search for the information that they wish to inquire due to how its become a staple for users to look for said information in the way that they would want rather than be restricted by set rules. It keeps improving its logic to provide only the best quality sites at the top of the search engine tools. 2019 has approached and now, new trends have pooped up to in search engines and web site developers that they need to step their SEO game if they wish to stay up top. Is here, there are new trends in SEO business for SEO Malaysia experts to keep up with:

Voice Search – Speech recognition is getting better and better. As users tend to use mobile devices to browse rather than desktops, the need for flexibility and ease of use are getting more important. Obviously, speech is much more easier compared to typing, and this trend is getting more and more popular in the future. Simply tell your device verbally what keywords you are searching, and your device would browse them in the internet for you.

AI Learnings – Human learning can be flawed, what needs to constantly updated as frequently as search engines is flawed when humans must look through the information and data carefully in order for the updates to be as accurate as possible. Because of this, Google has instaed to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn how to sift that data so that in helps to inform and assist a user rather than simply dumping relevant links to user as well help to study and interpret new search terms submitted by users.

Visual Searches – Image search is a new testament to the way a users looks up the information that they want can be made without the use of text which would limit the way a user would know how to articulate the terms that they wish to search. An image disregards that need to refine that search term by instead submitting visual data that

Those are some new trends to keep up with. Google’s algorithm keep improving their SEO methods to conform with the latest trends. To be up to date head on over to Just SEO – Wellington.